With graduation around the corner, here’s some out-of-the-box photoshoots


Sabrina Martinez

With graduation just around the corner, soon-to-be college graduates are sharing their photos. But these photoshoots aren't what you’d expect.

The internet has once again created a chain meme, and graduates are taking part of the challenge. The meme started on April 7, when Turning Point USA employee @BrennaSpencer posted a picture of herself on Twitter wearing a lifted “Women for Trump” shirt lifted that exposed a gun tucked into her pants. She captioned the photo “I don’t take normal graduation photos…,” which has gained over 18,000 retweets and 117,000 likes.

While her tweet sparked outrage with some users, others saw an opportunity to get creative and satirical with their own pictures.

Like this one by @thesugarhiccup with a graduation cap on, posing by a trash can, while eating chicken nuggets.  

@Cyn_City69 used impressive symbolism by using Four Lokos to represent her four years of college.

And @cradleofthedeep captures what it feels like to be in college. The fear on her face is within all of us.

There were some people that directly copied Spencer’s photo with their own weapon of choice. @alexuziel12 chose a flute.

And @kdunlap16 chose a trombone to stick down his pants.

And then we have @plantbboi with her iguana named “Pancake” poking out from her jeans.

@vickerssnickers had enough friends to recreate the fountain picture from “Friends.”

@whoisthisCJ grabbed the best movie ever made to stick in his jeans.

A furry friend joined @madiisonmoore in her photo.

And finally, we have all those who took the plastic guns from various arcades to join in on the meme.