No car? 7 cheap foods from convenience stores near you

Sabrina Martinez

Ramen noodles and canned ravioli get old after eating them everyday, and spending money on food can really start to add up. But getting to a grocery store in West Campus or Riverside without a car can be difficult without a long walk hauling heavy bags. For the time in between your trips to HEB and when you have less than $20 in your bank account, stores like Dollar General and CVS have your quick fix for easy meals within walking distance. Here are seven things you can buy at a convenience near your apartment to prepare good and affordable meals.



Canned or frozen, veggies can be added to almost any meal. Grab some broccoli, carrots or green beans and these babies and mix them up with mac and cheese or other pastas to add that extra umph or use as a side for any other dish.



Whether it’s bagged or boxed, rice can be made several different ways with additional ingredients that can also be found at Dollar General or CVS. Classic white rice, spanish rice, or garlic butter rice. The possibilities are endless.

Tuna cans


Tuna is inexpensive and can be a meal or a light snack. For a salad, drain the water and mix with your favorite salad ingredients and dressing. For a sandwich, drain and mix with lettuce, pickles, olives, tomatoes and any other veggies you desire. Add mayo, salt and pepper and spread over bread. Just looking for a light snack? Swap the bread for some crackers.

Knorr sides


These are packaged pastas and rice sides that can be combined with chicken, shrimp, fish or anything else for a full delicious meal. Find sides from Alfredo fettuccine to four cheese rice. Simmer to prepare, and you’re done. You can even say you cooked it yourself. Best thing about them? They are less than $2.

Bacon and eggs


Breakfast foods are great at any time of day, and they also make a great addition to almost any meal. Bacon and eggs, whether boiled or fried, can be added to salads or sandwiches and are also great on their own.

Uncooked pasta


The possibilities are endless with uncooked pasta. Choose shells, elbows, bows or penne and make butter noodles with chicken or any other protein. Spaghetti and fettuccine Alfredo aren’t your only options. There are tons of other recipes for pasta.

Ground turkey or beef


These make many different meals like tacos, burritos, burgers, taco salad, spaghetti and so much more. Don’t know how to season meat? There’s a packet for that.