Aaliyah Jenkins breaks design rules yet again

Aaliyah Jenkins

I’ve spent the last three long semesters and this summer as a designer at The Daily Texan, and my time in the basement is sadly coming to a close. Every semester I applied I was nervous. Nervous about whether or not I would get hired, nervous about having the time and nervous about how the dynamic might change with the new people I would work with. And every time I returned nonetheless to a place I couldn’t quite leave behind. 

I’ve met so many lovely people in my time in the basement (not the least of whom include Kirsten, Andrea, Paolina, Rena and Sunnie (R.I.P.)!). I’ve worked with the kindest staffers, eaten lots of sweets and gained experience (and weight) I won’t soon forget.

What has my impact on the basement been? Let’s hear some definitely paraphrased, but totally reliable peer reviews: “When I see shoes on the floor and a mason jar, I know Aaliyah is in the office,” said an undisclosed source. “Am I a vegan now?” said (redacted) after eating a slice of vegan cheescake I brought in. “You really were wearing a sweater in 100 degree heat,” said someone concerned for my sanity. 

Here’s to the late nights, the numerous redesigns, the delirious post-basement study sessions, crying to Daughter songs, scrambling to make deadline, screaming internally and listening to some dope tunes. 

Well, maybe I should say something about how this byline will be my first and only byline, but that is definitely way too cliché for me.