Four lasting Longhorn quotes from the summer

Ross Burkhart

From Kody Clemens’ home runs to Mo Bamba’s jump to the NBA, the last three months have been filled with memorable Texas sports moments. With those, come quotes from some of UT’s most premier athletes and coaches.

Here’s a recap of some of the lasting words from around Austin this summer:

Clemens lets Texas know how he feels about the Aggies

Following June’s highly-anticipated matchup between Texas and Texas A&M on the baseball diamond, slugger Kody Clemens vocalized the feeling of many Longhorn fans when asked if there was anybody he disliked more than A&M.

“Um. No,” Clemens said during a post-game press conference.

Clemens made his feelings about the Aggies very apparent during the game, as well, by hitting two home runs en route to an 8-3 victory in the regional game of the NCAA tournament.

Hager steals the show at Big 12 Media Days

As head coach Tom Herman and four Texas football players fielded questions at July’s Big 12 Media Days in Frisco, there never seemed to be a dull moment with one athlete: Breckyn Hager.

During the event, both he and Tom Herman discussed the turning point in their relationship after it got off to a rocky start last season. Here’s what happened: 

Hager recorded a sack on third down during a game against Oklahoma State, and jogged over to the sideline. What happened next changed their relationship for good. 

“It’s like out of a movie, it’s the craziest thing,” Herman said. “I give him a little, low-five, like ‘Hey, good job.’ He stopped in his tracks, takes his helmet off, looks at me and goes, ‘Coach, I’m sorry!’”

“I said, ‘For what?’ I started looking out on the field. Is there a flag? Did he facemask somebody? I said ‘Breckyn, what? Sorry for what?’”

“He said ‘For being such an a-hole. I love you, coach!’”

Hager and Herman have been on good terms since.

McConaughey pays a visit to Texas baseball

What would a semester on campus be without a Matthew McConaughey sighting?

Just before the Longhorns found out who their regional opponents would be in the first round of the NCAA tournament, the famed alumnus addressed the team with some words of encouragement.

“It’s go time. You played all season, you won the Big 12 but now you’re in,” McConaughey said. “You’ve got to where you want to go. It’s 0-0 now. It’s a dance, what I do, which is similar to what you guys do, I believe.” McConaughey continued, “You’re responsible for turning yourself on. He (head coach David Pierce) can say it, but who’s responsible for turning us on? We are. Now that you’re here, get it on.”

Smart praises Bamba after NBA Draft

Freshman standout Mo Bamba’s lone season at Texas is in the rearview mirror, but before the center was selected sixth overall in June’s NBA Draft, Texas head coach Shaka Smart talked about the potential that Bamba has to excel at the next level.

“He’s the type of guy that you don’t want to just coach for one year or even four years,” Smart said during a press conference. “You want to coach that guy for 15 years. So, whoever gets him is going to get a phenomenal person, but also someone that is a long term-player, I can’t really think of anyone that I’ve been around or even seen that has more potential than him.”

Just like Shaka, we’re in our feels too.