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October 4, 2022

Freshmen have no excuse to skip breakfast

Weatherly Sawyer

Everyone says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Freshman year can be hectic, though, and students in the dorms often skip breakfast to prioritize things such as sleep and getting to class on time. However, there are plenty of fast and convenient options freshmen on campus can indulge in even in a time crunch.

Students often think skipping a meal is OK because they’re consuming fewer calories, which most people associate with weight loss and healthiness. In reality, skipping breakfast can lead to increased stress, decreased brain function and weight gain. These can be especially detrimental for freshmen who are already facing new and increased stresses.

“Breakfast can often set the tone for the day and kickstart your metabolism to regulate your energy,” said Jennifer Barnoud, a dietitian at University Health Services. “Having nutrient availability can help students focus more in class.” 

The importance of breakfast is stressed in primary school. Many public schools provide free and nutritious breakfast for all students as a way to increase health and productivity.

In college, however, breakfast is often neglected. A study conducted at Blinn College revealed that only 65.6 percent of students ate breakfast. Of the students surveyed, those who ate breakfast did significantly better on a General Biology exam that everyone took as part of the study. 

Many freshmen don’t realize how many quick breakfast options are around them. Healthy breakfast options include eggs, Greek yogurt, oatmeal, berries, protein shakes, and more. 

Luckily, these options can be found at almost every dining hall or store on campus. UT provides multiple locations for students to get an easy and quick breakfast.

“Finding fast meals on campus is simple and doesn’t have to be a super gourmet meal,” Barnoud said. Eating a quick meal on campus is better than not eating at all.

If there’s not a designated dining hall within the dorm, there’s likely one nearby. No matter where you hang around or where your classes are, food is available. In the southern part campus alone, there’s a coffee shop in the PCL, a cafeteria in McCombs and food trucks surrounding both buildings. Additionally, there are dozens of restaurants just a jog away in Dobie Mall and on Guadalupe.  

If buying breakfast on campus is too inconvenient or expensive, you can always buy breakfast bars and other breakfast items and keep them in your dorm. It could save you time in the morning while still getting you ready for the day.

Eating breakfast better fuels us and keeps us focused during class. It minimizes your chances of the freshman 15 and leads to better lifestyle choices. With all the food options on and around UT, there are no excuses for students to skip breakfast.

Pape is a journalism freshman from San Antonio. 

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Freshmen have no excuse to skip breakfast