Texas tops Iowa State with win after lightning delay

Logan Harvill

The Longhorns earned their second Big 12 conference win of the season as they defeated the Iowa State Cyclones, 2-1, on the road Friday afternoon.

It was the fourth Big 12 matchup for No. 13 Texas and is the third of four consecutive road games for the Burnt Orange, which can be a significant challenge for a team especially when adding the effects of poor playing conditions. After rescheduling the game in order to avoid inclement weather, the two teams unfortunately still had to endure a delay right before the end of the first half.

“It’s always hard after delays,” head coach Angela Kelly said after the match. “In this conference, it’s tough and you have to steal points wherever you can get them. Everyone is talented, everybody is organized, and you’re in adverse conditions.”

The Longhorns have dealt with a number of delays and poor weather games this season due to the recent storms occurring in Austin, but any stoppage in a game can rip away momentum from a team.

Regardless of the rain or cold the Longhorns were not going to let this win get away from them. Within three minutes of the match, midfielder Kayra Dollas knocked a header into the back of the net. However, the goal was taken off the board after the referees signaled offsides.

Texas maintained control of the beginning of the match, getting creative on Iowa State’s side of the field and forcing the Cyclones to defend three aggressive possessions from defender Chelsea Surpris and forward Alexa Adams. Later, star forward Cyera Hintzen found the back of the net for her tenth goal of the season. From 30 yards out, the Garland, Texas, native took a shot that hooked perfectly into the upper right corner of the goal, giving Texas the upper hand and adding another brilliant shot to an already amazing season.

“We did some really good things today,” Kelly said. “Cyera Hintzen’s goal, once again, I feel like it’s a broken record but what a special player.”   

The Longhorns couldn’t celebrate for long, however. Just 57 seconds after Hintzen’s goal, the Cyclones were able to break through the Texas defense to respond with a goal of their own.

The game-tying goal reinvigorated Iowa State and nearly gave the Cyclones the momentum to take the lead soon after on a shot in the 22nd minute. The near-goal was saved, however, by junior defender Atu Mshana. From there, the Longhorns found a rhythm again, nearly scoring on a 37th-minute attack from Hintzen after a beautiful assist from sophomore Haley Berg.

Seconds later, the head official signaled the end of play for a lightning delay that lasted 43 minutes.

Upon return, the Longhorns managed to build multiple attacks that were nearly successful, but neither team found the back of the net until the 87th minute where Texas’ Kayra Dollas curved a shot into the upper left 90 to give the Longhorns the game-winning goal.

“(The goal) helped us a lot because we didn’t want to go into another overtime,” said Dollas. “It’s a great feeling (to have a win) especially from last weekend.”