SAE Nationals files lawsuit against Texas Rho over its former chapter’s use of official branding

Lisa Nhan

The national chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon has filed a lawsuit against Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Texas Rho Corporation and Sigma Alpha Epsilon Texas Rho House Corporation due to their use of SAE symbols and branding, according to a lawsuit filed with the United States District Court Western District of Texas.

The lawsuit alleges Texas Rho — formerly the UT chapter of SAE — had its license to use SAE marks and branding revoked in 2017 due to “health and safety” violations, but Texas Rho is continuing to use SAE marks and claiming to have a relationship with SAE.

Former members of UT’s SAE chapter formed Texas Rho after the chapter was suspended last November for hazing offenses, such as making pledges drink alcohol and “fear factor-like substances/concoctions,” according to a Daily Texan report.

Texas Rho Corporation is a nonprofit corporation that was formed following the suspension of UT SAE and the Texas Rho House Corporation is a nonprofit which owns the Texas Rho house and property, according to an April lawsuit filed against SAE Nationals.

The lawsuit Texas Rho Corporation and the House Corporation filed are still pending and accused the defendants of suspending the UT SAE chapter without due process in violation of SAE Fraternity Laws. The new lawsuit filed by SAE Nationals on Oct. 9 claims that Texas Rho is still claiming affiliation. Texas Rho has stated it is not affiliated with SAE National in an Oct. press release.