ACL necessities for Weekend Two

Noelle Henry

What’s better than finding out OU still sucks? Realizing ACL Weekend Two is finally here.

The only problem? It can be hard deciding what to bring to a musical festival full of dancing, drinking and too many good times to count.

To make things easier for all of us festivalgoers, here’s a list of the five ACL necessities to bring to Weekend Two.


The clouds may be currently taking over Texas weather, but who knows what’s to come this weekend? The grueling Texas sun is something no person wants to take on without some protection.

Sunglasses aren’t just to protect your eyes from the sun’s powerful rays — they’re also a bold fashion statement. They look great in pictures and add to the ACL look everyone is trying to achieve. As long as you don’t lose them, bringing sunglasses is a must.

Fanny pack

Although some people might rave about being able to bring nothing but their phone into ACL, a fanny pack is the best option. You avoid the risk of losing things, everything is easily accessible and a fanny pack is pretty trendy.

For those who typically bring backpacks into ACL, the rules have been updated so that backpacks are now prohibited, and only drawstring and small bags will be allowed into the festival. If you really don’t want to bring a fanny pack, you still have the option of a drawstring bag. But let’s be real here: Fanny packs are fun, easy and super accessible.


Even this weekend’s cloudy forecast can’t protect you from a nasty sunburn. You’re standing outside all day for hours, and the sun is bound to burn you at some point. Sunscreen is as important as oxygen in Texas, so make sure to take care of yourself. Although aerosol cans aren’t allowed into the festival premises, you can still bring sunscreen lotion.

But if applying lotion throughout the day to protect yourself from melanoma sounds like too much for one person to handle, at least try to put on one layer before you leave.

Empty water bottle

Even though backpacks are prohibited, hydration packs and water bottles are still allowed at this year’s festival. The key part of this exception to the rule is that they must be completely empty of all liquid when you enter the festival. There are Hydration Stations around Zilker where festivalgoers will be able to fill up water bottles, so you can dance, jump and scream while staying hydrated. Hydrate ­— don’t die-drate!


This one may seem redundant, but it’s happened to the best of us. Make absolutely certain you have your wristband because you will not be allowed on festival premises without it. There’s nothing worse than missing a show you wanted to see because you have to run home to get your ticket. Remember your ticket so you can kick it!

And most of all, have fun!

It’s ACL!