Incumbent representative for Congressional District 35 committed to continuing progressive agenda

Raga Justin

Editor’s note: This is one of a series of profiles on candidates running for Congressional Districts in Texas.

Congressman Lloyd Doggett, the incumbent representative for Congressional District 35, said he is gearing up for anticipated legislative battles. 

“I’m really running to resist Trump, reflect our Austin values and be in a position there in Congress with my seniority to make a difference in the struggle ahead,” Doggett said.

Doggett has been a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for 23 years and is currently running for his 13th term. He was previously a Texas state senator.

Doggett, a Democrat, said he is committed to fighting measures in Congress that go against his beliefs. 

“I think it’s essential that we push back every day in every nonviolent way against the constant effort to erode our democracy,” Doggett said. 

Doggett said his priorities for the upcoming term include advancing educational opportunity by supporting public schools and seeking new ways to reduce the financial burden of college education. Those measures include increasing grants and work studies, reducing interest rates to make paying off debt easier and emphasizing debt forgiveness for public service workers. 

“When people go into needed services in disadvantaged areas, whether as a teacher, law enforcement officer or health care provider, there ought to be a way to work off that debt in serving the public,” Doggett said. “I’m very concerned about debt being so high that when people graduate their choices are limited by how they can pay off the debt they’ve accumulated.” 

Doggett said he is also addressing issues related to health care, including making prescription drug prices more affordable for lower-income patients and advocating for women’s reproductive rights. 

A longtime politician, Doggett said his recent focus has been on helping propel other local and  statewide Democrats to office. He said he is confident the midterms will boost the Democratic minority statewide.

“I’ve diverted more of my time in recent months to trying to help others,” Doggett said. “At both the state level and the federal level, I’m looking for reinforcements.”

Doggett said as a lifelong resident of Austin, he knows the community and the University and wants to continue to be a voice for both. 

“I’ve put my experience to work trying to pursue the public interests … what will do the most good for the most folks in the area,” Doggett said. “I think I’ve made a difference.”