‘Dig’ a new dating app which connects dog-people will launch in Austin

Rahi Dakwala

Dating might get less “ruff” for dog-lovers with the launch of Dig-The Dog Person’s Dating App. The app will allow users to set dog-walking dates, give suggestions for local dog-friendly places and connect with dog lovers around town. Dig will launch in Austin on Nov. 8. 

Siblings Leigh and Casey Isaacson, founders of Dig, said the idea for the app originated from an effort to prevent incompatibilities in pet preferences. Drawing from her own experiences in relationships, Casey Isaacson wanted to develop an app that helped dog lovers get connected to each other.

Haley Fanucchi, a biology  sophomore, said she liked the idea of the app because hound-haters are a deal-breaker.

“Dogs are part of your family, and if whoever you are dating doesn’t love your family, then the relationship is not going to work,” Fanucchi said.

The app goes beyond making sure the people are compatible, as it also ensures their furry friends will get along.

“Dig lists whether or not users have dogs,” Leigh Isaacson said. “If your dog is afraid of other dogs, then you can find a person who does not own a pet and then go from there. You can search users based on dog size, and each profile has a section dedicated for the dog where you can describe it, show photos of it, etc.”

Along with providing general information about people and their dogs, Dig helps to create a dog-friendly environment.

“The app provides tips and tricks of the day from vets and trainers to help you care for the dog and to ensure that dates go smoothly,” Leigh Isaacson said. “You can search for dog-friendly locations near you, such as a dog park, so that the dogs can come on the first date and even interact with each other.”

The app is designed not only to enhance people’s experiences but also the dogs’ experiences, Leigh Isaacson added.

The app has already launched in New Orleans, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and Detroit, Leigh Isaacson said.

The launch event in Austin will take place Nov. 8 at WeWork Barton Springs. It will feature local dog businesses in an effort to celebrate the Austin dog community and to promote the app.

Leigh Isaacson said she expects the launch here to be the biggest yet since Austin is such a dog-loving city.

In addition to having major demand in Austin, the app may have potential at UT, Fanucchi said.

“It could help students by taking pressure off a first date because through the app, you could meet, at a dog park and just talk about dogs,” Fanucchi said. “It will be especially beneficial for students who own dogs on campus.”