Republican incumbent Greg Abbott wins gubernatorial race for second term

Savana Dunning and Gracie Awalt

Incumbent Republican Greg Abbott won the election for governor for his second term by 14 points Tuesday night, defeating Democratic candidate
Lupe Valdez.

Abbott thanked Texans for electing him for a second term at his election night watch party at Brazos Hall in downtown Austin. He said despite different campaigns that have “battled under different banners,” Texans should work together regardless of party affiliation.

“It is time for us to work toward that shared vision of a brighter future for Texas and put behind us the differences of the campaigns,” Abbott said. “As Texans, the bonds that we share transcend our differences.”

Moments before his speech, Abbott said he received a phone call from Valdez who congratulated him on his victory.

“I told her what I want to tell all Texans, and that is whether you voted for me or against me, or didn’t vote at all, I’m going to go to work every single day working for everybody in this great state,” Abbott said.

Valdez spoke to a crowd at the Travis County Democrats watch party at the Driskill Hotel downtown about Gov. Abbott’s win.

“Tonight I congratulated and concede to my opponent Gov. Abbott and thanked him for an aggressive, passionate and civil fight,” said Valdez, a former Dallas County Sheriff. “I wish you well over the next few years and hope that you continue to work hard and make sure that all Texans are heard.”

Valdez thanked her staff and voters for supporting her during her campaign as the first Latina and first LGBTQ woman nominee for state governor.

“This was always said to be an uphill battle, and I admire you all so much for choosing to fight it anyway because as you’ve heard me say time and time again, what other kind of battle is there than uphill battles?” Valdez said.