Austin-based band Klyntar creates ‘alien’ music based on ‘Venom’ comics

Trinady Joslin

Sounds are layered one on top of another to the point of being indistinguishable as the process continues. Starting with a guitar, a keyboard and effect pedals, Klyntar uses improvisation to transform ordinary noises into out-of-this-world tracks inspired by the “Venom” comic series, which features a symbiotic alien in the Marvel universe.

Members JD, CD and MD started the comic-based band a few month ago and have released “Ve’Nam,” “Carnage Born” and “Annual #1” based on the first three one shot comics in the “Venom” series. Next, they will start with the first issue and continue to release music in batches until the comic discontinues.

The Daily Texan spoke with band member JD about Klyntar’s extraterrestrial approach to music.

Daily Texan: Why “Venom” in particular over any other comic book?

JD: Two things: The writer, Donny Cates, is based in Austin and we’re an Austin-based band. We thought that would go well for starters, and it just happened to be a book that we all found weirdly inspirational. It’s not a character that we’d had any real interest in until a couple months ago, so yeah, just the right inspiration for the right time.

DT: After Venom, will your music expand to include other comic books? What is the plan going forward?

JD: Right now it’s only going to be for this series (because it) has no end date, so we’ll go as long as the series goes. If it goes farther than that, then we’ll be as surprised as everyone.

DT: So other than the writer and the character itself, is there anywhere else you draw inspiration from musically?

JD: The original artists of cassette culture, noise artists who have been going for decades now. The improvisational mode that noise artists in general kind of work in and being open to whatever sound happens. We’re not hemmed in by song structure or even western tonalities, really. I find a sound that’s interesting, follow it, refer back to the comics and see if the two are meshing. If they are in harmony or even disharmony, then it all works together to form this whole new thing.

DT: You keep referencing noise artists. Is that how you woulddescribe Klyntar?

JD: It’s an improvisational music. Noise is one big element because, right now, that’s the biggest fascination. It’s equal parts jazz and rock, so sometimes those elements get pushed farther down into the muck.

DT: Are there any other important characteristics that you would use to describe your music?

JD: Harsh. *laughs* A phrase that I might use would be delicately aggressive. It’s not angry music, but it’s music that has a force behind it. It’s not sitting back. It’s not casual.

DT: What would you say is completely unique to this band?

JD: Our inspiration and connection to the specific comic book … is something I haven’t really come across before.

DT: What are your goals for the future of the band besides continuing to produce?

JD: Becoming more in tune to weird sounds or finding new ways of defining old sounds. Just being students of musical sounds, as well as comic book readers. So it’s kind of two things, just being always curious.