20 places to park your electric scooters on campus

Tehya Rassman

Dockless scooter parking spots can now be found across campus as a result of the restrictions Parking and Transportation Services recently placed on the motorized vehicles. The spots were created to ensure scooter parking is organized, PTS assistant director Blanca Gamez said in an email. 

“We walked the campus with the vendors and identified densely populated areas where we saw lots of scooter traffic and parking difficulties,” Gamez said. “As the Austin market continues to grow, so will the need for space to park scooters. We are working to provide as much space as possible as fast as possible.”

Students are expected to park their scooters near the following buildings: Trinity Garage, Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center, L. Theo Bellmont Hall, Art Building, Jackson Geological Sciences Building, Garrison Hall, Graduate School of Business, Benedict Hall, University Teaching Center, Flawn Academic Center, Mary E. Gearing Hall, Student Activity Center, Patton Hall, F.L. Winship Drama Building, and Perry-Castañeda Library.

Scooters parked outside these areas may be impounded, and PTS will charge scooter companies for misplaced scooters. However, Gamez said it is up to those companies to decide whether or not to charge students. 

Alexandra Calve, a health and society freshman, said she doesn’t like the idea of scooter companies charging students, but the parking spots are generally a good idea.

“(Even if a scooter is) not in the designated parking space, I think that if it’s out of the way and if people can’t trample over it, I think it’s fine in my opinion,” Calve said.

Lime, a scooter company, sees UT as a “long-term partner” and is willing to abide by these restrictions, said Collin Morgan, general manager of Lime Austin.

“We seek to work with the University, our riders and the general public to learn about how you use Lime to get around and how we can improve micro-mobility
access on campus,” Morgan said in an email.

Scooter companies will continue to work with PTS to manage scooters on campus and ensure the University’s streets and walkways are organized, Gamez said.

“If we are mindful in how we park, then we think of everyone who needs access to roads, ramps, rails and doors,” Gamez said. “By parking correctly, people have the ability to traverse campus and not worry about tripping over a scooter or having to find a different path.”


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