Bleed for the Throne brings the world of Game of Thrones to Austin

Noah Levine

The Great War is coming.

In collaboration with the Red Cross and South by Southwest, HBO’s Game of Thrones continues its #ForTheThrone campaign with an immersive blood drive. The drive is open from March 7–9, and while appointments are sold out there is a stand-by line.

Bleed for the Throne opens its doors to fans who are willing to literally shed their blood for the Throne. After donating blood, participants are granted access to an immersive Game of Thrones adventure including live-actors, authentic props and a choir performance.

The journey begins with an interactive experience taking participants through the steps of characters who have previously sacrificed themselves for the Throne on the television show. A provided device and headphones enables people to activate certain audio logs and receive instructions throughout the journey. A collection of special effects including colored lights and projections help bring the dangers faced by previous characters to life.

The experience features story elements from characters including Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, and Arya Stark. Guests will even encounter the actual armor worn by The Mountain in Game of Thrones.

The second part of the experience is a visit to a war camp that looks as if it was ripped straight from the TV screen. Warriors from different points in the series, including Dothraki, Free Folk, and the Unsullied, roam the camp urging guests to join the fight for the living.

Spectacular costume design and show-level performances bring this fictional environment to reality. Participants can hang around to watch sword fights, musical performances, munch on complimentary Shake Shack and even interact with AR experiences using Snapchat.

The finality of the experience, puts participants face to face with the Throne itself. Beautiful set design combined with costumed knights bring this iconic location to life. A ceremony commences, complete with a full choir, and people are beckoned to kneel for the Throne and are offered words of wisdom by the red priestess. Participants are then granted with their very own Hand of the King pin that enables them discounts at select restaurants and places around Austin.

Bleed for the Throne is an experience to enter the world of a fan-favorite show, which is an experience no Game of Thrones fan will want to miss.