Camron Goodman, Amie Jean named student body president, vice president by overwhelming majority of students

Hannah Ortega

Camron Goodman and Amie Jean will serve as next year’s student body president and vice president.

“This is … eight weeks in the making, two months of hard work and dedication,” said Goodman, upon hearing the results of the election. “This was (during winter) break, where everybody could’ve had just spent time with their families and stuff like that, but … the team got together, they ran with the vision about UT by You, and … I really feel like that’s what set us apart is our mission, our vision, how it’s not about me and Amie, it’s about the student body and what they want.”

Of the 5,637 students who voted in the student body president and vice president race, 67.36 percent ranked Goodman and Jean as their first-choice candidates.

“My favorite part is that I don’t feel like this was a victory just for me,” said Jean. “I feel like it was for every student that I interacted with, every student that I talked with throughout this whole process so let’s go to work.”

Additionally, 27.16 percent of students ranked Izzy Fanucci and Elena Ivanova as their first-choice, and 5.46 percent of students ranked Michaela Lavelle and Anilya Krishnan as their first-choice for executive alliance.

“(Goodman and Jean) deserve it,” said Fanucci, a speech pathology and psychology junior. “We all ran a hell of a race, and it was probably the least dramatic race in Student Government history recently, so we want to say thank you to everybody that was involved … and we’ll learn from everything we’ve done, and we’re just thankful for everybody that helped out.”

Also announced Friday afternoon were the eight University-wide representatives for the 2019–2020 school year: Michael Pontikes, Vanessa Maria Cruz, Macarena Martinez, Parth Upadhyay, Nora Balli, A.J. Brown, Kerry Mackenzie and Zachary Denn.

Christina Baze and Lucy Blevins were named the Graduate Student Assembly president and vice president. Cadey Moore and Abhinav Pal won the two seats on the University Co-op’s Board of Directors. Rachel Walters and John Gerling received the two seats on the University Unions’ Board of Directors.

Mario Aparicio will be the new president of Campus Events + Entertainment, and Spencer Buckner will be the new editor-in-chief at The Daily Texan.

Jennifer Lee will be the architecture representative, and Stephen Stack and Connor Ellington will be the at-large graduate representatives. Willie Crawford, Umar Faiz and Isaac Mackzum will be the business representatives.

Gabi Wongso and Laura Pike will serve as the communication representatives. Zach Pisarski, Nicole Poirot, Winston Hung and Hussam Djadi will serve as the engineering representatives.

Melina Kehtar was named the fine arts representative, and Jordan Cope was named the law representative. There will be six liberal arts representatives: Samuel Ng, Mark Stephens, Tasnim Islam, Caroline Pease, Jakob Lucas and Jordan Clements. A different Jordan Clements will be a natural sciences representative, along with Rhea Sachdeva, Abhishek Khare, Grayson Pike, Ethan Devara and Christopher File.

Nico Rago was named the medical school representative, and Holly Ainsworth was named the nursing representative. Christopher Matos will be the public affairs representative, Brennan Caviness will be the social work representative and Alex Hirschmann will be the undergraduate studies representative. The two transfer student representatives will be Colby Jaeger and Megan Petras.

Inauguration will take place April 14.

Editor's Note: A previous version of this story incorrectly said that Camron Goodman and Amie Jean would be sworn in on April 7. The texan regrets this error.