Four food trucks to try during SXSW

Sandeep Bhakta

Through its food, SXSW offers its attendees a unique culture and dining experience to complement its various events.

Since 2013, SXSW has relied on its creation “SouthBites Trailer Park” to tether together Austin’s food trucks, but 2019 presents a unique year as the festival will no longer offer the service. The food trailer spirit remains strong and persistent in Austin, so here are some trucks that keep the culture alive and have something delicious to offer.

1. Four Brothers 

80 Rainey St. 

718 E. 6th Street on the intersection of I-35 and 6th Street 

Dish to try: Four
Brothers Arepas.

The Four Brothers food truck offers its customers Venezuelan comfort food and often, it’s gluten-free. The Four Brothers Arepas is composed of two circular pieces of dough, resembling flat bread, accompanied by a stuffing consisting of shredded pork or chicken, black beans, avocados, tomatoes, sweet plantain and cheese. Served hot, the Four Brothers Arepas helps introduce a food culture that’s both refined and expansive. 

Four Brothers will also be offering bowls, cachapas, which resemble a quesadilla, yucas and tequeños, which is a deep fried cheese stick. 

2. Veracruz All Natural Food Truck 

1704 E Cesar Chavez St

Tacos to try: Migas and fajita steak

Drink to try: The Queen smoothie, if you don’t mind seeds.

Although farther out from the festival than other trucks, this trailer in particular delivers savory, salty, crunchy and smooth wrapped up in the embrace of a homemade tortilla. This dish is Veracruz’s Migas taco which has also been included in Food Network’s “Top 5 Tacos in America” listing. The combination of eggs, tortilla chips, avocado, pico de gallo and monterey jack cheese simply works. 

The steak fajita taco, accompanied by queso fresco and avocado, is most delicious when accompanied by Veracruz’s spicy red chili sauce and the green tomatillo sauce. The queso fresco and steak fit together well, and these sauces help to accentuate that. 

3. Mr. Catfish & More  

1144 Airport Blvd

Dish to try: the Catfish

Mr. Catfish, with its main location at 1144 Airport Blvd, will have its truck at SXSW. They primarily focus on fried seafood and combining cajun and creole flavors into their dishes. Their catfish is fried and makes a satisfying crunch while also carrying none of the ill flavors associated with the fish’s diet. Their sides are also worth mentioning. Whether it’s their hushpuppies or even fries, the mix of inspired cajun flavor
comes through. 

4. Little Lucy’s 

75 Rainey St. 

718 E. Sixth Street on the intersection of I-35 and 6th

Donut to try: The Chow Chow, with cinnamon sugar, and the Maltese, Italian cream cake.

Little Lucy’s specializes in mini donuts that pack a punch in a single bite. The donuts are tiny, but they’re crispy and fluffy. The dough isn’t heavy and the flavor stays consistent with each piece. The cinnamon sugar is arguably their most well-known donuts and for good reason. The Italian cream cake is also a contender for a top seller. During the festival, Little Lucy’s will help cover the sugar cravings of attendees by having multiple locations, a mobile cart and options for new vegan and gluten-free ice cream.