Jordan Peele further cements himself as a master of horror with ‘Us’

Noah Levine and Brooke Sjoberg

“I Got 5 on It” is also a song about how many times people will want to see this movie.

Academy Award-winning director Jordan Peele’s second film “Us” is a psychological thriller with a star-studded cast, featuring Lupita Nyong’o as Adelaide Wilson and Winston Duke as her husband Gabe. When Adelaide returns to her childhood beachside home with her family, they are met with doppelgängers set on replacing them.

The film is filled with excellent visuals, masterful editing, a stunning red motif and a beautiful soundtrack. The visuals of cinematography in this film are similar to the graphics of a video game where the player follows their character over their shoulder and stays at eye level. It’s an intriguing analog to the idea of doppelgängers. The red motif is also beautifully done, with the doppelgängers’ clothing accentuating their appearances. Sound is huge for “Us” as the music and sound effects indicate what is about to happen in the film.

The strongest element of the film is its extraordinary cast. The family and their respectable doppelgängers convey a morbid contrast that brings the film’s message to light. Lupita Nyong’o and Evan Alex are particular standouts as they manipulate their voice and body to evoke a super unsettling feeling. Winston Duke masterfully plays the strong father figure, often pursuing the logical tactics many fans of horror are used to shouting at the screen.

The film absolutely knows what it is. Jordan Peele masterfully navigates the world of classic horror while adding his own modern twist. The scares, comedy and iconic score are essential pieces of the film and will feel very familiar to longtime fans of the genre. While the tonal shifts from comedy to dark horror can be jarring, it makes for a roller coaster of an experience; audiences will be faced with a million different emotions at once.

The best part about Jordan Peele’s newest venture into the genre is his ability to embrace the insanity of the film. Those who think they know exactly what the film is about based on the trailer are extremely wrong. The film changes its boundaries on countless occasions and keeps you on your toes as the protagonist’s situation becomes even more terrifying than initially thought.

Those who thought “Get Out” was as dark as Jordan Peele’s rabbit hole could go are certainly mistaken.



Score: 5/5