‘I’m Just F*cking with You’ is a mediocre installment in Blumhouse’s ‘Into the Dark’

Noah Levine

Only Blumhouse Television could make April Fools scary.

“I’m Just F*cking with You” is the seventh installment in Blumhouse’s “Into the Dark” Hulu series. This entry follows two siblings as they face a slew of terrifying practical jokes while they stay at a motel in preparation for a family wedding. Adam Mason directs the neon nightmare, with Jessica McNamee, Hayes MacArthur and Keir O'Donnell starring in it.  

The film sports a very impressive color palette, experimenting with various neon elements and blue and red dynamics. The colors spice up the visuals of the film and add a unique style to the overall story. The location itself, a disgusting motel, is the perfect place for the events to take place. The uninteresting structures are contrasted by the bright visuals to create an eerie dynamic of beauty and despair.

The best performance in the installment is Hayes MacArthur's Chester. MacArthur plays a practical jokester who’s unhinged and maniacal personality wavers between hilarity and ultra-creepiness. Keir ‘O'Donnell’s reserved Larry comedically plays off of Chester’s unpredictability as they both push each other to the limit. Jessica McNamee isn’t given enough time to shine, but her character does help to humanize Larry a little bit.

While the visuals and performances within the film are well-done, it’s the overall plot that holds it down. The storyline seems to lack a true resolution, with the characters just kind of descending into madness and chaos. Additionally, protagonists don’t really offer much emotional pull but perhaps that may have been intentional. The general arch of the story doesn’t seem to have as big of an impact as the film desires.

The film is consistent with its dark and humorous tone. An addictive jingle accompanies many of the scenes, emphasizing the mischievous elements at work. The special effects are appropriately disorienting, with one scene involving a drug trip being a standout.

Overall, “I’m Just F*cking You” is a mediocre installment in Blumhouse’s “Into the Dark” series. While it features great cinematography and performances, the plot is a bit too thin to hold any real substance.

RATING: 2.9/5