Hey Curious Campus, Where are some good places to nap on campus?

Jasmine J. Thekkekara

According to the American College Health Association, daytime sleepiness — exhibited by 50 percent of college students — is a major problem. 

UT has created the University Health Services “Nap Map” to help students combat the dilemma of sleep deprivation. But while the Nap Map serves as general guide for many students, it misses out on some key details for some favorite spots.

So, when one of our readers asked us “Where are some good places to nap on campus?” we looked into it as part of Curious Campus, our series where we answer reader-submitted questions every week.

SAC Fireside Lounge

The second floor of the SAC is usually teeming with studying students, but the Fireside Lounge provides a calming ambiance to combat a stressful day. Finance sophomore Esha Khandelwal said the Fireside Lounge is her favorite place to nap after her classes and before her weekly organization meetings.

“I love sleeping on those big chairs by the fire,” Khandelwal said. “It just makes the place very warm and inviting.” 

Doty Fine Arts building

While this building itself is celebrating its 40th year on campus, it’s not as well-known due to its location on Trinity Street, near the LBJ Library. Design freshman Anastasia Paul said the reason she likes Doty is because of the color and feel of the couches on the second floor.

“It’s very quiet, and the interior is all brown, which gives it a homey, cozy feel,” Paul said. 


SAC Mind Body Lab

Located on the second floor of the SAC, the MindBody Lab is a small private room across from the Student Government office. Mechanical engineering freshman Aditya Goyal said he prefers the MindBody Lab because it is soundproof.

“It’s very private. At most two people can be there at once since there are only two chairs, which I believe recline, and there’s a divider between them,” Goyal said. “There’s usually a blanket available too, which is nice for when it’s cold.”

The Texas Union 

Whether you want to play a round of pool, work on a project, or catch some Z’s, the five-story Texas Union has it all. Mathilde Gireshema, health and society junior, likes to take her naps on the third floor of the union because she feels it’s the best location. 

“It’s pretty central to campus and all of my classes,” Gireshema said. “It also has a lot of good options for food (on the first floor), which I like better than other places on campus.”