West Campus dorms enhance security ahead of Roundup

Jackson Barton

Architecture freshman Jacob Levy had never heard about Roundup until his dormitory in West Campus asked him to wear a wristband for four days to enter his dorm. Roundup is an annual social event hosted by UT’s Interfraternity Council. 

Several private student housing in West Campus, such as The Castilian, The Callaway House and University Towers, will require residents to wear wristbands at all times from Thursday through Sunday. The policy is meant to help security distinguish between residents and non-residents during Roundup. Replacement wristbands will cost $50 at The Castilian. 

Jamie Rule, The Castilian resident and psychology freshman, said she does not plan on attending Roundup, but the dormitory’s policy made her feel like management did not trust her to uphold the lease agreement.


“It’s really annoying that they have such little belief in us to uphold something that we signed,” Rule said. “I’ve never experienced Roundup because I’m a freshman, so I don’t know if they’re being excessive in this, but it’s something I thought was a bit unnecessary.”

Rule said she disagrees with the policy charging The Castilian residents for lost wristbands.

“If you lose your wristband, having to pay $50 even though you just live here — I think that’s just ridiculous,” Rule said.

University Towers said in an email to residents that bags will be subject to search during the weekend, and any alcohol or illegal drugs will be confiscated. University Towers did not respond to a request for comment. 

Paige Giordano, design sophomore and University Towers resident, said she thinks the apartment’s management is being overly cautious.

“I think they’re just trying to keep people from partying, which is a weird mindset because they didn’t seem to care about it before,” Giordano said.

 Police officers will also be stationed at both entrances to The Castilian starting Thursday, according to an email from the building’s management.

Jacob Musgrove, regional manager of American Campus Communities, which manages The Castilian, 26 West and The Callaway House, said in an email that during weekends with higher visitor traffic, such as Roundup, there is a higher chance of inconvenience for residents and damage to the community.

“Policies like these are intended to serve our residents and maintain the academic and supportive environment at our residence halls,” Musgrove said in an email. “Despite the modest inconvenience, our community appreciates our approach to distinguish residents from visitors and preserve harmony.”

Levy said he doesn’t understand the need for extra security because there’s already parties every weekend outside of Roundup.

“There’s parties every weekend,” Levy said. “There’s drunk people every weekend. There’s just going to be more of them this weekend. So it just seems unnecessary to me.”

American Campus Communities is also sponsoring Roundup and will have hydration stations set up outside of The Castilian, The Callaway House and 26 West for partygoers.