University of Texas gives Texas Cowboys another week to accept six-year ban from campus

Lisa Nhan

The Texas Cowboys have received an extension from the Office of Dean of Students on the decision to accept their six-year suspension, appeal or request a formal hearing, UT communications strategist Shilpa Bakre said in an email.

The Cowboys were originally supposed to reach a decision by today, but the student group requested an extension and will now have until April 24.

“The Office of the Dean of Students granted this request as extensions have been granted in the past with other student organization,” Barke said in an email.


The Cowboys, the spirit group famous for firing “Smokey the Cannon,” were suspended for six years following a hazing investigation into their fall initiation retreat. The University found evidence of hazing during their retreat and in past semesters, including physical brutality, animal cruelty, forced ingestion of unwanted substances and coerced consumption of alcohol, according to the report.

The investigation began last November at the Cumberland family’s request after their son Nicky suffered fatal injuries in a car crash on the way back from the retreat in the early morning of Sept. 30. The Cumberlands were told by Cowboys who attended the retreat that members had been hazed prior to leaving the retreat. The crash, which occurred at 5:43 a.m. was a result of the driver falling asleep at the wheel, according to the crash report.