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October 4, 2022

Hey, Curious Campus: Here are quick answers to six of your questions

Rena Li

The Daily Texan is committed to providing students with information about what’s happening on the Forty Acres and beyond. That’s why we introduced Curious Campus, where we answer reader-submitted questions on topics varying from tuition allocation to scooters.

The Texan has received more than 70 questions since the launch of Curious Campus last semester, and we wanted to share a few quick answers to student inquiries that we’ve covered in previous stories:

“Why UT won’t let trans people put their chosen name on their diplomas?” 

UT allows students to put their preferred name on class rosters, grade sheets, the online student directory, the public Texas Enterprise Directory, Canvas and official UT identification by filling out. Deputy University registrar Brenda Schumann said the Office of the Registrar is legally required to use a student’s legal name on official University diplomas. 

“How exactly do our tuition funds get allocated?”

The Daily Texan tackled this question when a 2% tuition increase was introduced for the 2018-19 fiscal school year. Tuition is allocated to cover the cost of facilities, utilities, faculty and staff salaries and student services. A portion of tuition is also allocated to need-based financial aid. 

“How much of UT’s annual budget is spent on construction projects and administrative pay?” 

According to the Texan, $564 million of UT’s annual budget is allocated to building maintenance and operations and $844 million of UT’s budget is given to salaries and benefits. New construction projects are also typically funded from sources such as the Permanent University Fund, the Tuition Revenue Bonds, balances, debt, grants and gifts. 

“What happens to free perks at UT after graduation?” 

UT students are given a one year membership to the Texas Exes alumni association after graduation, which provides alumni with perks such as admittance to UT libraries online and in person. After one year, alumni must pay for their membership.

A student’s UT gmail account is not terminated after graduation because UT maintains a website for the email.

However, Blanca Gamez, associate director of UT Parking and Transportation, said access to the Capital Metro bus system in Austin ends when a student graduates. The perks gathered by New Student Services including free tutoring sessions at the Sanger Learning Center, access to museums on campus and Big Ticket and Co-op discounts, end with graduation as well. 

“What do I do if I see a scooter parked illegally on campus?” 

If pedestrians find a misparked scooter they can contact the Electric Scooter Contact at [email protected], call Parking and Transportation or report the scooter under ‘report an issue’ in the scooter app.  

Scooters misparked in areas such as accessible ramps and sidewalks can be impounded for $150, according to the Texan

“Why are many businesses in Guad closing down for good?”

Earlier this year, the Texan followed the closing of Moojo, Austin Pizza, Jamba Juice and Fat Sal’s. Restaurants and stores often struggle to survive on the Drag due to high rent and fluctuating sales depending on when classes are in session, according to the Texan. 

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Hey, Curious Campus: Here are quick answers to six of your questions