Texas Cowboys receive third extension due to finals and ongoing discussions

Lisa Nhan

Despite evidence of hazing found by the University, the Texas Cowboys have received their third extension until June 7 to accept, appeal or request a formal hearing for their six-year suspension.

During last semester's investigation, the University found evidence of physical brutality, animal cruelty, forced ingestion of unwanted substances and coerced consumption of alcohol. The original deadline was April 16. The first extension was until April 24, and the second until May 9.

In an email to a student unnamed due to privacy reasons, vice president for legal affairs Jim Davis granted more time to the Cowboys, “in light of our ongoing discussions, and recognizing that you and your classmates are preparing for finals while the university is preparing for commencement.”

The email was obtained by an open record request filed by The Daily Texan.

On April 24, the Cowboys requested more time to “work on a conference resolution in partnership with the University,” according to an email signed by alumni association president Eddie Lopez and an unnamed Texas Cowboys student.

A conference resolution allows “the accused registered student or sponsored student organization” to “respond to the charges,” according to Section 6-503 of UT’s Codes of Conduct.

The April 24 Cowboys email originally requested a 30-day extension, but Dean of Students Soncia Reagins-Lilly denied them in an email and only gave them 15 days.

“I am willing to consider a conference resolution if it can move us towards disrupting the culture of hazing within the Texas Cowboys and the university at large,” Reagins-Lilly said in her email. “For those reasons, I will extend the deadline for the Texas Cowboys… On or before May 9, 2019, Mr. Davis will determine whether there is a basis to extend the deadline.”