Design editor stumbles into basement, big office

Andrea D'Mello

Walking down the basement stairs for the first time, I was doubtful and I had no idea what to expect.

Little did I know my first semester would include a search party for possums in the ceiling, an unfortunate run-in with Sam Ehlinger and the discovery of a long-lost cousin.

As if those weren’t enough reasons for me to stick around, here are a few more:

My management queens — Ellie and Forrest, y’all are the reason I ended up in the big office, and because of that, I will always question your judgment. In all seriousness, I’ve loved every moment of it so thank you. You two made me excited to come into work week after week.

My design family — you were the first people that made the Texan feel like a home. Sunnie, my design queen, thank you for teaching me everything. Mireya and Renee, the combination of sass and strong brows is unstoppable. I’m excited to watch you both grow as designers and leaders.

The jokes from the sports department. Not the funny kind, but the people kind. Keshav, Donnavan and Robert — thank you for putting up with my endless eye rolls and side eyes. It’s all love (most of the time).

Alex —  the funny one, not the sports one. I’m so grateful that our friendship blossomed this semester. Thank you for keeping me sane. Your side eyes and shade throwing skills are unmatched.

Catherine — you radiate light and energy in this dingy basement. You will always be the queen of copy log memes. You’re going to kill it this fall, and everyone knows it. 

The Monday and Wednesday crews — Jason, Brittany and everyone else who was forced to put up with me, I’m so sorry. 

Vanessa and Daisy — our friendships may have started in the basement, but I’m eternally grateful that they grew beyond these office walls.

Peter — this is off the record, but I would have never made it this far at the Texan without your encouragement and support. Never change, Peter.

My time at the Texan is coming to a close, and it feels like it’s happening too soon. But as my closest friends prepare to leave the basement, it seems only fitting that I part ways as well. I don’t think I could ever come back to the Texan without you guys. It would never be the same.

To Kirsten — thanks for listening to my rants, my drama and everything that I honestly should have kept to myself. 

To Angela — thank you for being my hype woman and favorite photographer. I’m confident we’ll be friends for the long run, sorry girlie.

And finally, to Ross — New York doesn’t know what’s coming.

For the last time, the midnight deadline is quickly approaching, but I feel a sense of comfort this time around knowing I leave the basement with relationships and memories that I’ll keep forever.