Digital director unfollows, blocks @thedailytexan

Alex Dominguez

I wanted to fit in. 

As a lonely freshman 500 miles away from home, I wanted to find my place on campus. I ended up in a musty basement somehow, and I never looked back. 

I often like to think about my time at the Texan while walking down the office steps. I like to think about all the tweets and newsletters, and other things, I’ve written. 

But my favorite things to think about are all the experiences I’ve had and people I’ve met. Finding a constant in college is hard, so I want to thank some people who were able to give me that during my nine semesters working here.

Forrest, I don’t know why you took so many chances on me, but I appreciate every single one. You basically invented audience engagement, so it’s been an honor working with you on new ideas and products. You’re a role model. 

Catherine, you made last summer one I’ll never forget. Trying to figure out how to do our jobs in the management office was a blast. I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with any other geek. 

This semester, every Monday and Wednesday, Andrea and I would try to keep it together. Sometimes, Kirsten would join too. Thank y’all for always making me feel so welcome and thanks for all the countless laughs. Y’all really are the baddest bitches.

Carlos and Tirza, there were many times when I wanted to give up, but y’all reminded me us El Paso kids have to stick together. Thank you for your hard work on p-staff and your friendship along the way. Puro 915.

Michael, there’s so much to say about you but I’ll keep it short for now. You’re my favorite part of this whole experience. You listened to me rant and cry, and you always had my back. Thank you for being a best friend. You’re going to keep doing amazing things, and I’m so
excited to see where your next funny tweet takes you.  

Of course, I can’t forget my roots.

Mom, you’re my light. Dad, you’re my rock, and I literally wouldn’t have been able to work this low-paying (but all-time consuming) job without your support. Thank you. To Kevin, my friends and the rest of my family: All of this was possible because of you.

I learned a lot managing the digital side of a newspaper. There were times when people didn’t follow the digital posting rules, but then again, some people didn’t even follow the handbook rules, so I’m not complaining. Thank you to everyone for helping me push the paper in new directions.

It was hard leaving home four years ago. I wish I could say leaving this one will be easier, but I don’t think it will. I’m so grateful to have found my place.



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