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Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

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October 4, 2022

My “juicy” farewell to the notorious D.T.

Courtesy of Taylor Charron

Yeah, this 30 is dedicated

To all the editors that told me I’d always amount to something

To all the sources who lived on UT campus that I was emailin’ straight to

Called the ME on me when I was just trying to make some clips to feed my career (it’s

all good)

And all the reporters in the struggle

You know what I’m saying? It’s all good, baby baby


It was all a dream, I never wanted to write for Spark Magazine

Whitis Ave and Heavy DT up in the basement

Hanging clips on my wall

Every Thursday Panic Attack, Mr. Chen, Ping-Pong Ball

I let my tape recorder rock till my source talked


Three years writing for news, pitching at 10 o’clock

Way back, when I had the yellow and black notepad

With the lines to match

Remember Ellie Breed? Duh-M, Duh-E

You never thought that friendship would take it this far

Now we’re in the limelight of Cano’s rooftop cause we write tight

Time to get paid, no more minimum wage

A ping-pong beginner, and RICOH the printer,

Remember when I used to eat Vert’s for dinner

Peace to Paul C., Hannah D., Wesley Story

Britni Lebosabitch, Muffin Casey

I’m blowin’ up not like Peter thought I would

Get your tips, same number, same hood

It’s all good

And if you’re on the IM team, make those free throws

You know very well

Who you are

Don’t let Peter bring you down

Reach for the Good

You had a goal

But not that many

Cause you’re not the only one

Peter gave “not bads” aplenty

I made the change from a common reporter

To up close and personal with CMHC

And I dove in deep

I exposed campaign emails all day

Woodward and Bernstein, it’s the projects way

O’Hanlon and Lisas keep me going

Forrest used to diss me

Now he writes rec letters cause he miss me

I never thought it could happen, this writin’ stuff

I was too used to stackin’ listicles and stuff

Now we’re getting close time to say adios

From the BMC down to the East Mall

Campus reporter in spring ’17, no sleep for weeks

News Editor that summer with Casey and Peach

Then bikin’ to Alaska without fear

Came back fall ’18 for my projects career

Edits, late nights, interviews for my school

{Considered a fool ‘cause I dropped out of high school)

Stereotypes of mental illness misunderstood

And it’s still all good


News and projects, y’all know very well

What you mean to me

Thanks for picking me up when I’m down

We made the Texan ours

But I can’t stay long

‘Cause you’re the only paper

I would work 50 cents an hour for

And that’s the tea, time to go DT

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My “juicy” farewell to the notorious D.T.