New student organizations on campus are ready for fall

Rolando Hernandez

In case you missed it, several new UT student organizations have started since last spring. Here are a few you might catch tabling on Speedway.

UT Students for jUStice

To encourage conversations about topics such as criminal and social justice, psychology junior Hannah Merrick and history junior Gabrielle White started UT Students for jUStice back in May. 

“We created this group to discuss and raise awareness of various legal and social issues in our nation,” White said. “Our name is derived from the idea that criminal and social justice affects all of us.”

The pair said in order to reform the world, change has to start with students openly discussing and bringing awareness to issues such as harmful stereotypes, offensive language, immigration issues and legal injustices in a safe space. Students for jUStice is working to provide that space.

LGBTQ+ Engineers

Electrical engineering senior Jerry Yang founded LGBTQ+ Engineers this summer to provide a space for engineers who are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Yang said the organization was the product of his research on LGBTQ+ engineering students and their experiences in engineering spaces.

“One thing that came out of the study is that a lot of LGBTQ+ students wanted and wished they had an org to be a part of that didn’t exist,” Yang said.

Yang said his research found that students wanted a more tight-knit community that understood their issues as individuals who are part of the LGBTQ+ community while also
being engineers.

Moot Court

Shelby Hobohm, a government and mechanical engineering junior, started the Texas Undergraduate Moot Court Team to give undergraduate pre-law students an opportunity they didn’t have before.

Hobohm said the organization teaches students about legal interpretation and helps strengthen their public speaking skills. The team will attend four competitions that prepare undergraduate students for law school.

“UT is one of the only schools in Texas that doesn’t already have a team,” Hobohm said. “Moot Court is described as one of the best activities undergraduate students can do before law school.”

Here are a few more fresh faces you might see on Speedway:

  • Gen U, an organization that provides a space for first-generation students
  • Q++, an organization that provides a space for LGBTQ+ Longhorns in technology fields 
  • UT Black Muslims Alliance, a safe space for students in the Muslim community 
  • Valley Horns, a community for Longhorns from the Rio Grande Valley and other border towns 
  • Haus of Texas, a drag organization providing entertainment, activism and inclusion