Resources offered to students looking for on-campus jobs

Brynne Herzfeld

Students looking for a convenient way to earn money and gain experience during the semester have a variety of ways to secure an on-campus job.

If students want to work at colleges or on-campus organizations, they can find jobs through listings on Hire a Longhorn or at campus events. University Housing and Dining is one of the largest employers of students on campus and offers positions as residence hall front desks attendants, cashiers and servers in the dining halls.

“It’s a great way to get familiar with campus and meet people, especially if the student is new to campus,” said Brandon Willett, UHD senior human resources coordinator. “(UHD employees) start developing some really valuable skills that are going to help them long term once they graduate.”

University Unions also employs a large amount of UT students as building monitors and office assistants. Scarlett de Bont, an international relations and global studies junior, said she learned graphic design skills while employed at University Unions.

“It’s really easy to find connections,” de Bont said. “If you get close to your supervisor and if you’re looking for other jobs, then they typically know a person.”

De Bont said she worked three on-campus jobs over the past two semesters.

“It’s a fun job because it’s in between a sort of job and also a club or organization,” de Bont said. “You just have to look for a job that you want to improve your skill set for.”

Students interested in seeking out jobs related to their majors or future careers can visit University Career Services or their college’s career fairs. 

Ottavio Peruzzi, an electrical engineering sophomore, said he found a job last year at the Engineering Education and Research Center working as a lab technician for Texas Inventionworks, a student research and development engineering program. 

“(Texas Inventionworks) is a mix of educating students on how to use different technologies available in that facility and maintaining those machines,” Peruzzi said in a direct message. “I actually got a tour of the space by my boss before I was even accepted to UT.”

Peruzzi said he is grateful for the opportunity to work on campus and learn new skills at his job.

“I gained invaluable experience while getting paid,” Peruzzi said. “It’s a great environment for anyone, regardless of their background.”