Apple iPhone Event 2019: What students need to know

Brooke Sjoberg

Creative and digitally savvy students may be interested in new iPhone and iPad features. On Tuesday, the Apple iPhone Event unveiled a refreshed iPhone and iPadOS which are particularly useful for on-the-go writing, filming and creating.

Here is a roundup of the new gadgets and features that may be useful for student creatives.


For the first time ever, iPads will no longer run the same software as iPhones. iPadOS promises a Slide Over feature, which allows the user to have several apps running simultaneously in a sidebar, where they remain visible and accessible. This is perfect for the multitaskers or for those who take notes with the Apple
Pencil while reading a digital textbook or website. Other features include being able to run the same app, such as the Notes app, in different windows on the screen, as well as a redesigned home screen.

iPad 2019

A follow-up to the 2018 9.7-inch “student” iPad, the 2019 successor has expanded to a 10.2-inch screen with narrower bezels and support for the Smart Keyboard. It is still compatible with the Apple Pencil.

iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 continues the two-camera tradition established by the iPhone 7 Plus in 2016, with a new glass back, wide-angle lens and enhanced video features. Similar to Snapchat’s video recording mechanics, the capture button can be held to seamlessly switch between photo and video. There is also a slow-motion capture mode, enhanced night mode and other features for mobile-oriented photographers.

iPhone Pro and Max

An additional camera has been added to the newest iterations of the iPhone line.  The simultaneous recording that can be done with all three cameras may appeal to students who prefer to use their phone to film class projects or on the go. This produces separate videos, as each camera is capable of recording its
own feed.