The Yard Milkshake Bar opens Texas location at The Domain

Saachi Subramaniam

Known for its Instagrammable decadent desserts, The Yard Milkshake Bar recently opened its first Texas location right here in Austin.

Located at The Domain, The Yard offers a build-your-own approach to creating shakes, floats and ice cream treats with numerous options to satiate cravings. The Alabama-based sweet shop serves their treats in cones and souvenir mason jars, offering many toppings such as the brand-favorite cookie dough and cinnamon toast crunch.

“The atmosphere and high energy of the place is just upbeat, and our Texas customers are awesome people as well,” said Adam Lacier, general manager of the new location.

On weekends, customers are met with lines coming out of the dessert bar as they devour and take pictures of their unique ice cream inside.  Lacier (B.A. ‘17) chalks up The Yard’s popularity to the overall vibe and fun-loving people that crowd the location.

Customers from all over Texas travel to Austin to experience The  Yard and all it has to offer. Hayden Caster, a Texas State University junior, came from San Marcos to indulge in The Yard’s specialities.

“Believe me, I’m not even a milkshake type of person,” Caster said. “As soon as I put a picture of my milkshake on my Instagram story, I had someone asking where I was and if there was a location in San Marcos.”

With the ongoing trend of eateries that showcase their food on social media, The Yard’s popularity is also gained through the use of their Instagram @theyardmilkshakebar. The Instagram famous dessert bar posts their milkshakes and ice cream cones and tags their customers from their two locations in Alabama as well as their expansions in Texas, Mississippi and Florida.

The Yard’s location is situated in a newly manicured area, with greenery and quaint chairs scattering the premise. Inside is cow-themed decor, with cow printed signs and a giant lit up  sign brandishing, “The Yard.”

“The aesthetic of this place is everything,” said Eduardo Gonzalez, UT sophomore and customer. “I love to post about my day on social media, and The Yard is very phone-friendly, as the milkshakes are definitely Insta-worthy. ”

He said The Yard is a fun outing in general, and the amazing milkshakes and other desserts are a huge plus.

“I’m honestly really excited for this milkshake I ordered,” Gonzalez said. “I’m definitely having dessert for dinner tonight.”