How to document ACL without depleting your phone battery

Meghan Holland

The music blares, the crowd screams and a student raises their phone to record the scene and post it on their Instagram story. And then their phone dies.  

To avoid this Austin City Limits Music Festival nightmare, The Daily Texan has compiled a list of ways to capture the moment and keep students and their phone batteries rocking all day long.

Portable Battery Packs

One way to guarantee that a festivalgoer’s battery stays within the functioning range is to bring external phone chargers, such as a charging phone case or a portable battery pack. Sometimes, packing multiple charging sources is advisable, depending on how much a person uses their phone throughout the day. Additional chargers can also be a lifesaver for friends who forgot to bring their own. 

Polaroid Cameras

Ditch the digital device for a more vintage style to get an instant and unique print of ACL festivities and events. Festivalgoers can use polaroid cameras to find their own aesthetic and have a physical photo to show for it. This is also a great way to share photos with friends without worrying about finding enough of a signal to send it to them by phone.

Polaroid photos make for good momentos without paying additional money at the festival.


Disposable Film Cameras

Film photography, popular among social media influencers, has been making a comeback in recent years. Disposable cameras offer a method of taking photos without raising an immediate concern of how the picture turned out. This allows participants to go back to what they were doing before taking the photo. 

GoPros, Handheld Video Cameras

GoPros offer the capability of not only taking photos but also recording hours of video. This applies to other handheld cameras as well. Just be sure to bring an SD card with plenty of storage to ensure there is enough space to record as many ACL sets as possible or desired.  


Having this alternative also allows for higher-resolution images. If festivalgoers want to get a more detailed video or picture of their favorite band, this may be the route to take.

Low Battery Mode, Airplane Mode

As a last resort, turning on airplane mode or low battery mode is a good way to conserve the last ounces of phone battery. In addition, clearing any background apps and staying off of social media will save battery life.

This method is best for festivalgoers waiting for a special moment to capture or those who know they will need their phone at a later time for travel or communication.