5​ ​Halloween​ ​Costumes ​You’ll ​See​ ​When​ Riding CapMetro​ ​for​ ​Free​ ​with Your​ ​UT​ ​ID

Cap Metro

1. Homemade Ghost

A cheap costume that somehow never gets old. While there are a lot of ghosts to choose from throughout pop culture (Casper, Slimer, Samara, etc.),  there’s something so simple and classic about just cutting some eye holes in a white sheet, throwing it over your head and calling it a day. And hey, if it’s good enough for Charlie Brown and Michael Myers, then it’s good enough for us all.

2. Scoops Ahoy, from Stranger Things

After the release of the third season of Strangers Things, you can bet that we’ll see a bunch of its most iconic costumes out in the streets. And while you might think the Scoops uniform would be an easy outfit to create, good luck replicating Steve “The Hair” Harrington’s luscious locks. No amount of volumizing shampoo or lifting spray can clone those genetics. We know. Life just ain’t fair.

3. Daniel Johnston Homage

Assuming you don’t have the vocal and/or songwriting chops, there’s no better way to pay homage to Daniel Johnston than a shout out to his Hi, How Are You frog. A pioneer of lo-fi sound and a staple of the Austin music scene, there’s bound to be a few out there “Walking the Cow” in honor of this legend.

4. Pikachu

You don’t need to be a detective to know that Pikachu will be the cutest costume this season. Double points to the dude who turns his Pokémon costume into a pun by carrying around a bowl of yellowfin tuna, thus evolving into the ultra-rare “Poké Man.”

5. Classic Zombie

Just like the genre itself, zombie costumes will never stay dead. Come Halloween night, we’ll be sure to see a bunch of Tallahassees, Wichitas and other “insert iconic city names” roaming the streets. But after a night of imbibing, don’t join the heard of the walking drunk. Just “Double Tap” the CapMetro App and hop a safe ride home.