UT ranked No. 34 university in the world by U.S. News & World Report

Emma Gueorguieva

U.S. News & World Report ranked UT as the No. 34 university in the world on its Best Global Universities list last week.

The report considers 1,500 universities from over 81 countries and uses 13 indicators to measure regional and global research, publications and research
collaboration, according to the website. 

UT was the only Texas university ranked in the top 100, according to the report released Oct. 22. The University also received top-50 rankings in 12 academic areas in the report, such as computer science, mathematics and electrical engineering.

“This is very consistent with other global rankings we’ve seen … so it’s not a surprise in any way,” University spokesperson J.B. Bird said. “(The ranking) really reflects the University’s stature as a research powerhouse.”

Unlike the report released last week, a U.S. News & World Report released last month only evaluated undergraduate programs and ranked UT as the No. 48 university nationwide and the No. 14 public university in the country. Bird said the previous ranking did not reflect the strength of all of the University’s programs
and schools.


“I think the global ranking is reflecting the things that are really unique about UT: The strength in our research and professional schools,” Bird said.

Two other Texas universities were also ranked in the report, including No. 108 Rice University and No. 134 Texas A&M. Bird said Rice University tends to rank higher than UT when only measuring undergraduate programs.

“When you look at the full breadth of research, graduate programs (and) professional programs, UT is the strongest institution in the state,” Bird said. 

The University moved up two spots on the list from No. 36 since last year’s report. 

“We’re in a very educated, appealing city and we have an easy time (picking) graduate students,” Bird said.

Biology senior Cole Sorrels said he feels proud to hear about the University’s international rank.

“I think UT’s great in so many ways,” Sorrels said. “There’s a lot going on here and I love being part of it. I love being a student here.”

Business junior Emery Saenz said she hopes to see the University rank even higher in the future.

“Seeing (the University’s) global effect is really prideful to me,” Saenz said. “It’s the best school in Texas, and maybe one day, it’ll be the best school in the world.”