Texas One Stop website provides place for financial aid, student records, registration information

Laura Morales

Financial aid, student records and registration information are now all available on one website.  

The Texas One Stop website, finished on Nov. 21, consolidates information from the Office of the Registrar, Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid and Student Accounts Receivable websites, said Jennifer Love, director of Office of the Registrar. She said the website includes “Bevo Bot,” a chatbot which answers question with information from each of the offices.

“This really puts all the enrollment services in one spot,” Love said. “Whether you are trying to pay your bill, or utilize finical aid, or a combination, all of this information is in one place, and you have one user experience in the Texas One Stop website.”


Love said the new website comes as construction on The Texas One Stop For Enrollment Services center in the Main Building prepares to finish in spring 2020. She said this is part of a larger effort to make the University services easier for students to access.

“This is really center to our bigger vision, which is putting the students at the center,” Love said. “We made sure it was built for a student and not from an institutional perspective.”

Carolyn Connerat, associate vice provost for Enrollment Management, said she helped with the design of the website and conducted student focus groups before the website launched. She said they are still making improvements based on what users say in the feedback form. 

“Many staff members on campus who have found that something was not easy to understand, or we needed a link to a different page, have contacted us and we are making those changes,” Connerat said. “If the bot does not have the information the students are looking for, then we go back to the site and make sure to add it.”

Business freshman Brittany Given said she relies on scholarships to pay for her tuition, and she has to use these offices to renew her scholarships. She said as a freshman, using the website to find information about financial aid was confusing and said she plans to use the Texas One Stop website when she applies to other scholarships in the future. 

“I feel like they relate a lot, especially if you need financial aid,” Given said. “The (financial aid) website is really confusing when looking for scholarships. It would be more convenient if everything were placed together.”