Full-time RV couple discuss living on road, breaking from routine

Faley Goyette

No house, no property tax, no problem.

Tom and Stacie Langland have lived full time in a recreational vehicle for the last 15 months. Since starting, they’ve become celebrities in the RV community by sharing their experiences with an audience of over 14,000 YouTube subscribers through their channel and business, RV Texas Y’all.

The couple attended the Austin RV Expo last Saturday and spoke to The Daily Texan about their brand and RV lifestyle.

The Daily Texan: Why did you decide to live in a RV full time?  

Stacie Langland: We like to live outside more than we like to live inside. Our goal is not to hole ourselves up in our RV and never come out. We want to be in state and national parks.

Tom Langland: I was tired of routine. Part of the fun of this lifestyle is you don’t get into a rut. We took our hobby and we turned it into a career. 

DT: How often do you have to stop to get food?

SL: That can be a challenge depending on where you are. We were in Devils Tower, Wyoming. While we were there we needed groceries, and we had no idea where to go and we didn’t have cell service. So we asked the park host and they sent us to this little town of Hulett, Wyoming, which was about 20 minutes north. Holy cow.

TL: You felt like you were in the 1800s. 

SL: You felt like you were in this Old West town. It was the neatest thing. The sheriff was riding around on horseback.

TL: The bank is called bank. Store is store. The saloon is saloon.

SL: We never would have found that had we not needed to go to the grocery store. So one of our buzz phrases that we have said a lot of times in our videos is “ask a local.” 

DT: Why the brand name RV Texas Y’all?

SL: We want to be good ambassadors for Texas. We’re native Texans. There’s so many amazing things to see and do here that people come from all over the world to experience. Sometimes, other native Texans don’t always realize all the fantastic opportunities there are here. So that’s why we are RV Texas Y’all.

TL: A lot of people go, “Well, gosh, why aren’t you broader than this?” Because I think almost every RV channel out there is broad. They didn’t narrow it down. We wanted to be predominantly about Texas because it’s so unique. 

DT: How has the RV Texas Y’all community grown?

SL: It’s been pretty organic. We started the website back in 2013, and we started doing YouTube videos in 2016. We never expected it to form this sense of community. 

DT: When people, fans come up to you, what’re they saying?

TL: Several people over the last few days have said they bought the exact same RV we have because of watching our channel. I told Stacie we’re becoming influencers.

DT: Who are full-timers, typically?

TL: Probably five years ago it was people that were retired that wanted to live a little different lifestyle. Nowadays, there’s a lot of kids coming right out of college and going full time. If you can work from home, you can work from an RV.