Campus Events + Entertainment Recreation hosts Poképalooza event

Cameron Castilaw

Pokémon games, crafts, Kahoot! competitions and Poké Ball cookies welcomed students in the William C. Powers Jr. Student Activity Center as Campus Events + Entertainment Recreation brought back their Poképalooza event Tuesday.

E+E Recreation chair Celine Low said a Poképalooza event was held several years ago and was successful. Advertising sophomore Low said she was not at UT when the first Poképalooza was held, but she heard a lot about it and wanted to host a second one. 

“It was really successful from what I’ve heard from other students,” Low said. “I wanted to bring (Poképalooza) back since Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are coming on.”

Event coordinator Jeena Bae said she was excited to bring the event back, especially since she also did not attend UT during the first Poképalooza.

“I was really excited (for this event),” undeclared freshman Bae said. “I’m happy to see everyone who’s also passionate for Pokémon.”

The event was hosted as a way to bring back the nostalgia of students’ childhoods and talk about the new things happening for Pokémon, Low said. 

Students participated in Pokémon-themed Kahoot! competitions and created bead art and headbands. There was also a Pokémon-themed photo booth available. 

“Our goal was both nostalgia as well as the nuances of the new things Pokémon is doing,” Low said. “It’s still very relevant in its own ways and sort of grew with us.”


Attendees could participate in a multitude of different events, from a Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield tournament to sitting and watching a Pokémon movie. 

“I think (this event) reminds people how fun their childhood was and kind of shows that they can still have fun even though we’re college kids,” Low said.

Undeclared freshman Jennifer Truong said she attended the event, in part, because of Pokémon’s impact on her childhood.

“(Pokémon) was my childhood,” Truong said. “I (still) remember when McDonald’s released Pokémon figures.”

Campus E+E Recreation staff hope that events like these can provide a way for students to gather and enjoy things they like, Bae said.

“(We) just (want to) show the students at UT that there’s a variety of events and that they can have a fun, comfortable time with what they’re passionate about and … have a safe space to express that,” Bae said.