UT Student Government executive alliance election voting guide

Daily Texan Staff

Students can vote in the UT Student Government election starting Monday.

To help students with casting their ballots, The Daily Texan asked the SG candidates running for president and vice president to interview with the news department for a profile and submit a column to the editor-in-chief explaining their vision for the University. The Texan editorial board also interviewed the candidates and endorsed one of the nine executive alliances.

The candidate’s responses and the board’s endorsement are listed below in the order the candidates filed with the Dean of Students:

Anagha Kikkeri and Winston Hung

Anagha Kikkeri is a government junior, and Winston Hung is a chemical engineering and finance junior. 

In the Texan’s profile, Kikkeri and Hung said they are running on a platform to create a committee to meet with students living in Riverside, establish culturally centered study spaces and add information about Title IX resources. In their column, they said inclusion and equity are the pillars of their Student Government campaign.

Sean Tucker and Suseth Muñoz

Sean Tucker is a communication and leadership junior, and Suseth Muñoz is a government and youth and community studies sophomore.

In the Texan’s profile, Tucker and Muñoz said they are running on a platform to implement a peer support program with the Counseling and Mental Health Center and a centralized center on campus for first-generation students. In their column, they share the personal experiences that led them to Student Government.

Brendan Walsh and Max Edwards

Brendan Walsh is a Plan II and philosophy junior, and Max Edwards is a radio-television-film and Plan II junior.

In the Texan’s profile, Walsh said he doesn’t want to be president and is planning to find qualified policy experts to come up with solutions for students. Walsh and Edwards declined to submit a column to the editor-in-chief.

Jalesha Bass and Jerri Garcia

Jalesha Bass is a journalism and communication and leadership junior, and Jerri Garcia is a social work junior.

In the Texan’s profile, Bass and Garcia said they plan to create a second collaborative floor in the Perry-Castañeda Library, provide free transcripts to students and expand the UT Outpost. In their column, they said they want to use Student Government to take back their narratives and fight for issues that personally affect them.

Connor Alexander and Camille Johnson

Connor Alexander is a government and Plan II senior, and Camille Johnson is a government junior.

Alexander and Johnson were not profiled because they were disqualified from the election for overspending. In their column, they said they hope to unite campus and make it a home for all students.

Tayler De La Cruz Kennedy and Alex Jackson

Tayler De La Cruz Kennedy is a government and history junior, and Alex Jackson is a mechanical engineering junior.

In the Texan’s profile, Kennedy and Jackson said they are running on a platform of making campus accessible for students with disabilities and providing consistent and affordable mental health care. In their column, they shared their stories of coming to UT and finding a place on campus.

Adam Bergman and James Comerford

Adam Bergman is an advertising and journalism junior, and James Comerford is an urban studies senior.

In the Texan’s profile, Bergman and Comerford say they are running on a platform of implementing professional sexual assault prevention training, organizing a “Mental Health Week” and promoting transparency from the University. In their column, they called for accountability in both Student Government and UT’s administration.

Simona Harry and Lynn Huynh

Simona Harry is an English and Black studies junior, and Lynn Huynh is an advertising and women and gender studies junior. 

In the Texan’s profile, Harry and Huynh say they are running on a platform of creating a Counseling and Mental Health Center bank, supporting sexual assault survivors and implementing sustainability initiatives. In their column, they discuss giving Student Government back to the student body. 

Shay Holt and Wade Ivey

Shay Holt is a history and European studies senior, and Wade Ivey is a government sophomore.

In the Texan's profile, Holt and Ivey say their platform centers on making food on campus more affordable, improving the quality of toilet paper on campus and adding a bike lane on Speedway. Holt did not respond to requests for a column before the deadline.

The Daily Texan Endorsement

The Daily Texan Editorial Board endorsed Simona and Lynn, writing their “track record proves that they are more than capable of working with fellow activists to organize a student movement powerful enough to force UT’s hand” on the fight against sexual misconduct and systemic racism and classism.

This endorsement is the opinion of the editorial board and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Texan staff.