Black Lives Matter

The Daily Texan’s editorial board and Diversity & Inclusion Board stand in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, with Black journalists across the nation and with our Black Texan staffers. We also stand with Black student organizations on UT’s campus and the statements they’ve made. Now, perhaps more than ever before, it’s important to not only amplify and support Black voices on campus and beyond, but to also denounce the cruel system of oppression that has subjugated and devalued Black lives for centuries — a system UT has willingly participated in. We call upon the University of Texas to strongly reevaluate its relationship with the Austin Police Department and the UT Police Department, and its decision to develop “a plan to hire additional police officers (and) expand patrols” around campus (as of January 2020). We call upon the University of Texas to stand with and habitually support Black students, staff and faculty on campus. 

We acknowledge the significant amount of time it has taken the editorial board to make this statement. We want to clarify this does not discount how pressing and important of an issue this is to the Texan community.  

The editorial board is composed of associate editors Jennifer Beck, Julia Zaksek and editor-in-chief Emily Caldwell. The Diversity & Inclusion Board is composed of Angelica Arinze and Lauren Girgis.