Let’s talk about voting

This week, we want to talk about all things voting. 

With arguably the most important election in our lifetimes quickly approaching, the act of voting has become a controversial topic.

Recognized as one of the hardest states to vote in, it’s no leap to say casting your ballot in Texas can be difficult

But focusing on the negatives will not help us.

In this forum, we encourage everyone to vote and emphasize how a threat to free and fair voting is a threat to our democracy.

Although people may tell you it’s too hard to vote, we hope you trust us in showing that it’s easier than you think. 

In this forum, associate government professor Bethany Albertson, along with Jack Maedgen, a government and history sophomore, and Emily O’Toole, a human dimensions of organizations and government senior, discuss all you need to know about how to vote in the upcoming election.

Charlie Bonner, Communications director of MOVE Texas, talks about the current battle against voter disenfranchisement. This piece will be published online only.

Ric Galvan, history and Latino studies junior and campus organizer for Texas Rising Central Texas, explains the challenges of voting in Texas. This piece will be published online only.

As always, if you have any thoughts on this topic or any other, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]