UT must adopt the Common App

Alexandra Purchatzke

Many UT students can relate to the stressful ordeal of applying to UT using the ApplyTexas application. With its outdated format and confusing directions, many qualified out-of-state students do not apply to the University in order to avoid the added time and stress it takes to fill out the application. 

To attract more students from different backgrounds, such as out-of-state students, and make the already stressful college application process a little easier, UT must use the Common App as a way prospective students can apply to the University.

The Common Application, which streamlines college applications so applicants only have to fill out information once when applying to different schools, is used by a large number of universities throughout the United States. ApplyTexas, which is the main application platform that The University of Texas uses, is only used by schools in Texas. 

A UT News article called “Your Most Searched Questions: Does The University of Texas at Austin…” asks the question, “Does The University of Texas at Austin use the Common App?” 

UT responds with, “We do not accept the common app. We currently accept the ApplyTexas application and the Coalition for College application,” and then immediately directs readers to its freshman admissions page. 

While there is general information about how to fill out the ApplyTexas application on UT’s admissions page, it may be likely that students who are out-of-state do not have a support system that is familiar with ApplyTexas, making it more difficult to apply to the University. This added layer of difficulty may not only discourage many out-of-state students from applying to UT but could also reduce the diversity of the UT student body. 

“It would have been way more convenient to apply to UT through the Common App,” said Harsheen Batra, public health out-of-state freshman. “I know many people from my hometown who would have loved to come to UT, but the application was too much of a hassle.” 

While the application to UT can be found on the Coalition for College application, the lack of universities available on the platform make it just as inconvenient as ApplyTexas — even for in-state students.

“The deadlines for ApplyTexas are also before the colleges on the Common App,” biomedical engineering freshman Tanuja Nath said. “College applications are hard enough as it is, especially being the first person in my family to go to college … so the different deadlines and whole ApplyTexas process added an unnecessary strain.” 

This illustrates how even in-state students would experience less stress if the UT application was on the Common App. 

Given that UT profits more from the higher tuition from out-of-state students, it would not only benefit the student body to have more out-of-state students but the UT budget as well. 

Adopting the Common Application for UT admissions would attract a more diverse group of  students and make applying to UT easier for everyone. 

Purchatzke is a biochemistry freshman from Boerne, Texas.