Faculty must be in residence fall 2021, ‘chances are very high’ for in-person learning


Photo Credit: Connor Downs | Daily Texan Staff

UT-Austin faculty are required to be in residence to teach for the fall 2021 semester, according to an update from the Faculty Council this morning. 

The update said “chances are very high” UT will transition back to in-person learning at some point in the fall, but remains unclear on when or how that would happen. 

“A lot depends on when the majority of our community is vaccinated,” the update said. “It’s not clear when larger scale vaccinations will start in Texas but it’s very likely there will be more teaching options than there were in the 2020-21 year.”

UT spokesperson J.B. Bird said because of the changing conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not yet clear how the fall semester will look, but the University wants to be ready to transition to face-to-face learning if conditions improve. He said UT cannot make any predictions about the vaccine rollout. 

Bird said the plan for the fall semester is in progress now, but is not yet completed. He was unsure when an official plan would be complete and did not promise a release by registration in April. 

“The planning committee talks about different possibilities so when they have a plan for the fall they put that out and they’ll bring it out quickly and transparently,” Bird said. “That plan is not out yet.”