‘Are y’all ready?’ Kiara and Ethan present ‘bold’ platform

We have been incredibly blessed to serve in numerous leadership positions at UT where we have been charged with advocating and amplifying the voice of UT students. We recognize that UT’s current structure doesn’t “work” for all of its community. If UT is supposed to be a school for all of its students, no matter background, race, ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation or sexual orientation, shouldn’t its staff, faculty, structure and services effectively and equitably serve all Longhorns? 

Our campaign hopes to aggressively tackle these systemic and structural issues at UT by creating space for marginalized, underrepresented and silenced communities to proactively ensure their voices are not only a part of University decision-making but drive these conversations as a whole. We plan to serve through an intentional, servant-hearted approach that will cement impactful policies and resources that equitably serve and support every student and foster a spirit on the Forty Acres that promotes a peacemaker mindset and a bridge-building perspective among all Longhorns.

As a result of collaborating with student organizations, current and former UT student organizers and our personal leadership projects we plan to further develop, we present a platform that showcases the initiatives we are ready to implement on the Forty Acres. 

Our platform is categorized in five main pillars of posture:

  1. Academic affairs: Our academic affairs section provides leadership and support for academic programs, educational initiatives, academic policy, student affairs, special initiatives and provides guidance in the areas of collaboration and other outreach activities.
  2. Campus life/housing: Our campus life and housing sections aim to support the learning experience of every Longhorn by creating a safe space by supporting the learning environment for academics as expressed in the UT motto “what starts here changes the world.” This will be accomplished through the efforts of professional staff and student leaders by providing a safe, clean, well-maintained UT community and through various educational and social programming opportunities for students’ growth and development.
  3. Equity and outreach: Our equity and outreach section’s goal is to lead the effort of putting the Kiara Ethan campaign values into practice. We lead through a servant-leadership framework that seeks to amplify the ideas and experiences of all students, faculty and staff. We also plan to partner with other departments and units across campus to create inclusive and equitable opportunities for all. Our goal is to continuously transform the climate and culture of the UT community by fostering educational and personal success for all.
  4. Services and sustainability: Our service and sustainability pillar develops, coordinates and supports the aggressive sustainability actions we want to initiate on campus. We will collaborate with our fellow students, faculty, staff, regional and national affairs offices, as well as with our local Austin community to serve and provide sustainable efforts and practices for current and future generations of Longhorns.
  5. Executive projects/social culture: Our executive projects and social culture pillar works to ensure we are serving through a framework that amplifies the voices of all members of the student body. Specifically, we will highlight student organizations, organizers, campus projects and activities that offer students to broaden their Forty Acres experience in and outside the classroom. Additionally, this pillar outlines our plans to further expand transparency between Student Government and the broader student body.

Holistically, our platform is bold, comprehensive, solution-oriented and most importantly, has been created by you and for you. Our campaign is about amplifying the voices, values and needs of students at UT. 

So Longhorns, are y’all ready? Let’s go get ‘em! 

Vote #KiaraEthan2021 on March 8 and 9.