UT students talk fashion for Austin City Limits Music Festival, taking inspiration from artists

Sofia Treviño, Peyton Sims, Life and Arts Reporters

After a two-year hiatus, the Austin City Limits Music Festival returned with a bang Friday, bringing live music and quirky fashion back to Zilker Park.

For Weekend 1 of the festival, UT students showcased their unique wardrobes — from styles inspired by their favorite musical artists to comfortable and practical fits suitable for Austin heat.

Wearing a cow print dress and corresponding ears, informatics sophomore Juliana Vargas took inspiration from Doja Cat’s iconic “Mooo!” music video for day two of ACL. After throwing her cow ears onto Ladybird Stage, Vargas watched in shock as the popstar picked them up and held them during her performance of “Been Like This.”

“It was really surreal seeing her there and knowing she kind of looked at me,” Vargas said. “It was really crazy being in her presence. I waited a long time to get really close.”

Before arriving at the park for Sunday’s festivities, Vargas wrote “Call Me if You Get Lost,” the name of Tyler, the Creator’s new album, on a white bra she bought specifically for the occasion, ultimately throwing the undergarment onto Tyler’s stage.

Wearing a bandana from Golf Wang —Tyler’s personal brand — and Converse, who the artist often collaborates with, Vargas’ style communicated her love for the artist. She also went the practical route.

“I dressed comfortably because I knew it was gonna be so hot,” Vargas said. “Some people were really dressed up, but I was more worried about the comfort.”

For her first year attending ACL, undeclared sophomore Emma Lindsay wasted no time planning her ideal outfit, despite the gloomy forecast.

“There was a chance of rain, so all of my outfits consisted of material that would be okay if it got wet,” Lindsay said.“As for all of the jewelry, makeup and temporary tattoos, I feel like it’s a good rule of thumb to go as crazy as you want. Incorporating your own style really helps establish a fun environment for the festival.”

Expecting to cry over Miley Cyrus’ performance, exercise science sophomore Arwen Weaks said she prepared her outfit with a lacey purple bralette, purple body glitter and butterfly clips for her hair.

“I’m a very glittery person and I already had the body glitter,” Weaks said. “(Because) I knew that, I knew the vibe of my outfit was going to be that sparkly. I just had to.”

After dancing in the sun during the first two days of ACL, Weaks said she quickly removed jeans from her pre-planned attire for Day 3, opting for shorts instead.

“I see why people enjoy having more exposed skin at festivals,” Weaks said. “It was definitely good to have room to sweat things out.”

In her black bohemian dress and combat boots, public relations freshman Isabella Cano said she not only considered her outfit a statement, but the simple style also made her feel happy.

“I’ve dreamed of attending ACL since I was 12 years old,” Cano said. “I feel like this festival is one of the only places where you can wear what you want and nobody will judge you for it.”