UT-Austin School of Undergraduate Studies to get rid of undeclared major, creates new internal transfer application

Joelle DiPaolo

The School of Undergraduate Studies will no longer accept new applicants starting fall 2022 and created a centralized internal transfer application for spring 2022. 

 Beginning in fall 2022, all incoming and current students can either declare a major or apply undeclared to the Moody College of Communication, the College of Liberal Arts or the College of Natural Sciences, according to an email to undeclared students from the Vick Center for Strategic Advising. 

The new internal transfer application will allow for a simpler and more accessible transfer process because the application will be used for all majors in all schools, according to the email.  

Public relations sophomore Faye Haynes, who entered her freshman year undeclared, said the updates will make students’ lives easier and reduce the stress associated with internally transferring. Haynes said she had a difficult time with the internal transfer process.

 “I personally do not recommend it at all because the internal transfer process was very cruel,” Haynes said. “It’s very stressful, especially for freshmen, where you’re still learning how to do stuff the college way. … I hated being undeclared and it was so stressful declaring a major that I felt like I neglected other parts of my life.”

Brent Iverson, dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies, said one goal is to put more energy into helping students select a major they are happy with. 

“We need to give all students, but especially those who start undeclared, much better support that’s distributed across campus,” Iverson said. “(Students can) explore all of these great options (and) find a major that is perfect for them.”

 Undeclared freshman Helen Jayesh said she thinks removing the undeclared option will do a disservice to students who do not know what they want to major in yet.

“Having to choose between those three (colleges with undeclared options) even if you have no clue what you’re doing, it changes the way you see things,” Jayesh said. “I see it as more of a negative, but at the same time having to declare at one of those colleges can help you find your passion.”