UT Colleges as spooky Halloween creatures

Michelle Facio, Life & Arts General Reporter

With midterm season and Halloween around the corner, college couldn’t be spookier. Read the Daily Texan’s picks for what scary creature represents each UT college!

School of Architecture — Ghosts

Like architecture students, ghosts love hanging around old houses and buildings. Of course, ghosts would call it haunting, but they’re still kickin’, right?

Moody College of Communication — Spirits

Moody students always try to communicate! Sometimes from the underworld. Warning: Ouija board not included with selected major.

College of Liberal Arts — Black Cats

They’re so tough, nobody wants to cross their academic path.

McCombs School of Business — Medusa

We had to do this.

College of Education — Mummies

Spooky, but they have a lot of stories to tell and knowledge to spread. There’s so much to learn from mummies and education students alike.

Cockrell School of Engineering — Banshees

We can all hear them screaming during midterms. It’s okay, we understand. 

College of Fine Arts — Werewolves

Fine arts students really get into character and transform when they’re on stage. 

Jackson School of Geosciences — Zombies

Rising up out of the rocks and dirt? Sounds like geoscience.

School of Information — Fortune Tellers

Anything and everything — past, present and future — granted to us by the School of Information.

College of Natural Sciences —  Wizards

They can’t convince anyone science isn’t just complicated magic. 

School of Nursing — Vampires

Vampires constantly seem like they’re ill. It’s probably because they’re always coffin. Good thing nursing students know how to have a bloody good time! 

College of Pharmacy — Witches

Brewing magic potions in a giant cauldron? Sounds like drug development to me.

Steve Hicks School of Social Work — Fairy Godmothers

Like fairy godmothers, social work students will be there in any situation! True mom friends.

LBJ School of Public Affairs — Jack-o’-Lanterns

Jack-o’-lanterns represent Halloween just like how public affairs students strive to represent all of us. Keep it up, guys!

School of Law — Skeletons

They deserve a break. They’re really worn down.

School of Undergraduate Studies — Shapeshifters

UGS students are known for trying out new things, new identities. You just can’t nail ‘em down!

Dell Medical School — Frankenstein

Yeah, Frankenstein. Not the monster, the scientist. Takes a real doctor to assemble all that stuff.