Notes from the opponent: Sitting down with Kansas sports editor Nathan Swaffar

Nathan Han, Sports Reporter

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared as part of the November 12 Double Coverage flipbook.

The Daily Texan spoke with Nathan Swaffar, sports editor of  The Kansan, Kansas’s student newspaper, ahead of Saturday’s matchup against the Jayhawks.

The Daily Texan: What’s your general impression of where the Kansas football program is at this season?

Nathan Swaffar: Obviously, KU has been the laughing stock of college football (over the last decade). Because we can’t win. We can’t find a good head coach. Even though we’re 1–8 (on) the season and we haven’t been competitive in more than three games, there’s been a different stigma than there has been in the past. With (head coach) Lance Leipold coming in really late — he didn’t get here till May — there just seems to be a different type of feel and atmosphere around this program.

DT: Speaking of Leipold, what should Texas fans who are seeing a Leipold-led team for the first time ever know about the new Jayhawks head coach?

NS: He’s definitely starting to win over players in that program. He’s proven that he can build a winning and good culture. I think that was pretty evident when we had eight or nine guys who were at Buffalo immediately transfer to KU after he got the job. So yeah, he’s a winner. I think he will bring a good culture to this program. And I think he’s doing it right now. He’s just not getting the on-field results that you might want.

DT: Do we know who’s starting at quarterback for Kansas this Saturday after the injury news this past week?

NS: Yeah, it’s been a rough last few days. They came into that K-State game (and) had three healthy quarterbacks. Jason Bean had been the starter all year. He got roughed up on one play and came off holding his arm. Miles Kendrick, our backup, came into the game the next series and on the second play, he had a pretty bad, pretty ugly play where he got his leg completely broken.

Bean actually came back in for another two series after, but you could tell that something wasn’t right. Then Jalon Daniels, our sophomore quarterback who started a lot last year, came into the game. Leipold said on Monday that Bean is going to be questionable.

DT: On the other side of the ball, are there any Jayhawks to watch out for?

NS: If you’re playing Kansas, you better watch out for Kenny Logan Jr. He’s a junior safety. He leads the team in tackles, he’s had a few interceptions this season and he’s easily our best playmaker. He’s probably good enough to be an All-Big 12 selection. The problem is that he plays for Kansas. If somebody is making a play on defense, he’s probably involved somehow.

DT: What do you think is going to happen between the Longhorns and the Jayhawks on Saturday?

NS: I don’t think this is gonna be very pretty. In terms of score prediction, I think it’s going to probably be 42-13 (for Texas).