UT ranked No. 1 Texas university

Ubah Moallim, News reporter

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the November 5 flipbook. 

According to the 2022 U.S. News Best Global Universities Rankings, UT ranked first of all Texas universities and is ranked No. 43 globally.

The ranking considered the University’s research reputation, publications, conferences and international collaborations against more than 1,750 schools from 90 countries, according to the report. The list also ranked UT’s mathematics, material sciences, arts and humanities, and geosciences studies among the top 25 in the world.

Brett Baker, an associate professor in the Department of Marine Science, credits the ranking to the University’s recruitment of quality faculty, students and personnel.

“I am not surprised that UT is first in the state,” Baker said. “I have had students, even undergrads (who) have been on papers that are in high impact journals, … and they have collaborated with colleagues in Sweden and other places.” 

University spokesperson J.B. Bird said that while rankings are not everything, they do show prospective students that a degree from the University is respected around the world.

“To compete at this level, you have to continually be improving and be really strategic in pursuing excellence,” Bird said.

Biochemistry freshman Jordan Alvis said he hopes to go to medical school and feels that the University’s research opportunities will prepare him for his future endeavors. Alvis said UT creates the well-rounded students medical schools look for in applications. 

“I am a part of the Freshman Research Initiative (where) you’re getting all this research and lab experience before you’re even a sophomore,” Alvis said. “It’s also building your character.” 

Neuroscience junior Amelia Robinson said students still benefit from faculty research, despite the pandemic making academic collaboration difficult.

“(Research) makes (professors) so much more equipped to answer the theoretical questions and thread together all the concepts and really contextualize … how we might be able to use this in a career setting,” Robinson said.

Robinson said that while the University is a state frontrunner, it still has work to do to improve student life. Robinson said she would like UT to improve contact tracing  and campus inclusivity. 

“It is really important that we continue to be on the front edge of developing and utilizing as many tools as often as we can,” Robinson said. “The University should use that momentum and use that energy to put back into the students, because there are a multitude of areas that need more attentiveness.”