UT should learn from OU's response to SAE video


You've all seen the video of Sigma Alpha Epsilon members at the University of Oklahoma. In the spirit of the Red River Rivalry, it's easy to point fingers at OU and ridicule its student body. However, something can be learned from OU. I would not be surprised if the same type of songs are being sung behind closed doors here at UT, and neither should you. If that's so, we shouldn't shrug it of,f nor should we excuse it.  Severe punishment is necessary. 

The overwhelming participation and enthusiasm in singing the song we see in the video is worrying. This chant was confident and free of any discretion as to prevent getting caught. 

In a statement Tuesday, President William Powers Jr. said that the Dean of Students is looking into rumors that the same chant has been traditionally taught to fraternity members in SAE here at UT. An assortment of social media posts also claim that the chant is not isolated to Norman. Although nothing has been proved or verified as yet, it is safe to assume chants similar, if not identical, to the one in the video are being used in fraternities in Texas.  

OU President David Boren's decisions to kick the fraternity off campus and expel the two young men most prominent in the leaked video were admittedly radical but completely just decisions. University honor codes are nothing to violate. I can only hope if evidence of this abhorrent level of racism is found on our campus, Powers or whoever replaces him follows Boren's lead.  

The behavior exhibited by those students at OU this weekend is inexcusable. Racism is not playful. Racism cannot be discredited as a relic of tradition. Racism kills, and it is about time that any organization that regularly passes on songs or chants that contain such explicit and offensive material caught up with the times and stopped before they suffer fates similar to those at the hands of OU. 

Bounds is an associate editor.