Q&A: Brittany Bosco


Atlanta based artist Bosco, has risen to relative internet prominence with her new video, “Joker,” off her recently released “Let Me Go” EP. Like her array of talents as an artist, singer, designer, and musician, her music spans across genres in a self described, “experimental, feel good, textural, ambient, R&B blend” of music. The Daily Texan spoke with Bosco when she visted Austin for SXSW.

Daily Texan: Atlanta seems to be kind of absent from the indie scene. How has that affected your music?
Brittany Bosco
: I think that the music scene here is very rich, and continuously growing. The thing that people really don’t know, is what’s really going on here, and the synergy that’s bubbling. All of these great artists are starting to merge. We have a really, really good indie scene here. [Atlanta] definitely makes you work harder, especially compared to New York or Los Angeles, it definitely has this raw energy, and this grit to just get things done. I think it really helps my music a lot.

Daily Texan: Has being in Atlanta contributed to the more hip-hop R&B influences that permeate into your music, or do you think that is something you would have found no matter what?
I love rhythm and blues, and I think that rhythm and blues is a large part of my sounds, but incorporating different genres with that , and making a nice blend is what I like. Atlanta is definitely known for its rap scene. Being here, I’m just trying to turn that around and show it in a different light. As an independent artist you really can pick a voice and have a voice. So I do play off of that just a little bit.

DT: Your new video, “Joker,” blew up on the internet and was pretty graphic. Care to comment on that at all?
A lot of people love the video, and there a couple blogs pushing too far because of the race issue and lynching. People draw so much from the video. Originally the song was about a relationship between a couple about just playing the game. Doing what’s right, and going through the motion. You realize that things you despise about the person in the relationship, are the same traits that you have too. How can you hate or love them, or love or hate them? I wanted to push the visual aspect because of course you have domestic violence. It’s an issue that is continuously pushed under the rug, so I wanted to bring that to the forefront. I also just wanted to push the boundaries a little bit.

DT: Do you have plans for future videos?
Yeah, we’re gonna do one more video. I think we’re gonna do a video for, “It was you,” next.

DT: Do you have plans for what you want to do in that video
I haven’t really given it much thought, coming off the Joker video, and doing shows at SXSW. My brain is always working and creating