The SAC turns two today, and we're half glad


Today is the second birthday of our own Student Activity Center. It seems like just yesterday it was crying out loud noises of construction. Now it's toddling around, putting cake on its head and looking too cute! We love the SAC because it's ours, but that doesn't mean we love everything about it. Here are our three favorite things and our three least favorite things about the SAC. You know, in honor of its birthday.

The Good

1. Outlets, outlets everywhere. Every wall in the SAC has approximately one more outlet than students sitting next to it, even during finals week. Even the weird wooden steps on the second level where people are always napping have outlets. For college students desperate to watch the last episodes of "30 Rock" while eating a black bean taco from Taco Cabana, the SAC supports us in every respect.

2. The SAC's Twitter is so encouraging. @UTSAC is always tweeting out encouraging guidance in the morning, which we all can use more of. It tells us when the hospitality desk is giving out free bottles of water. It runs trivia days. Today, it told us that the hospitality desk will have cake balls at 1:00 p.m. in celebration of the SAC's birthday. Who doesn't love cake balls?

3. The fanciest water fountain. Next to the elevator on the first floor, there is a water fountain that has a digital reading of how many water bottles have been saved since the SAC opened. This makes us feel like we are saving the earth as much as the SAC's LEED certification is. 

The Not So Good

1. The chairs. For some reason every chair in the SAC is uncomfortable. The ones outside make you lean back in an unnatural way. The upstairs chairs look like eggplants and are about as comfortable as one. Somehow people nap on the big wooden steps, but they sure don't look comfortable. No wonder everyone is sitting on the floor. 

2. The lack of  a coffee robot. The Starbucks at the SAC is always packed with a line that stretches into the hallway and makes it really difficult for us to get to our food. Why isn't there a coffee robot here? The Flawn Academic Center has one, and it's great! It texts us when our coffee is ready, and that sort of technology belongs in the SAC. 

3. The heatless fireplaces. Right now it is warm outside, so this isn't as much of a problem, but why don't the fireplaces give off any heat? They are cute, yes. But we are almost certain that fireplaces are supposed to, I don't know, radiate warmth. When you're leaning back in your cold chair with a cup of Starbucks coffee, with your phone and computer plugged in, is it so much to ask for the fireplace to make heat?